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What is success for you?

We are all the winners. So many people ask me how to succeed, but I ask back the same question: What is success for you? My principal is easy to be successful. When you do every little thing, do it perfectly and bring it to the next level. Every little thing you do accomplishes it very well. That is how you can achieve your big dream successfully.

Ex: I had an offer last December; when i received the offer, I already felt that I am already the winner and getting ready for the next chapter; every little thing I accomplished, I gave everything that I could because, I say every little thing I do, I do it to the limit. Hey, Did I tell you about OBR Project? In February, I was responsible for a great project - to produce an Event and Music Video clips of "One Billion Rising" in the district of Bad Tölz - Wolfratshausen against violence against women. were released both Videos at a significant event in Bad Tölz city.

Thanks to the district office of Bad Tölz and Verena Peck for the price, and Thank you to all cooperation partners for dedicating themselves to such an important topic and for the trust that I, as creative director, to lead this project and produce the Event and the video clip.

Congratulations, you read all the articles, and if you want to be successful and achieve your big dream, We can talk, and there is a lot of experience we can shear. : )

Well, the waiting is over; here are both videos.

One Billion Rising Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen "Break the Chain"

One Billion Rising Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen BEHIND THE SCENES


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