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Who is Solomon Solgit ? 


     Solomon Solgit, whose full name is Solomon Lemma Gebretsadik, is an international performing artist and choreographer from Ethiopia, currently living in Munich, Germany. He is a pioneering performer, recognized for the versatility of his show elements. He is a graduate of the Hebei Wuqiao International Art College in China.


    Solgit started performing in his home country of Ethiopia at Circus Nazareth, honing his craft for his future international performances. Throughout his performances, he entertains his audience with humor and excitement, and his signature entertaining character and international stage experience, which allowed him to achieve one of the greatest dreams of every artist - performing for Cirque du Soleil as a lead artist in the show "VARELIA Love in Full Color" Europe and Middle East tour.


    His artistry is broad, including break dance, slack wire, bouncing ball, group club juggling, quick change, unicycle, playing and composing African music instruments, and more. As an improvisation artist, he creates a relaxed atmosphere with humor and spontaneity and builds entertaining communication with his audiences.


    Solgit has performed in major productions throughout the world, such as Cirque du Soleil in their original shows SYMA and VARÉLIA, the UniverSoul Circus in the United States, the Asian-based Aerial Angels, European productions of Circus Afrika Afrika, Rosmaly Malter, Mother Afrika Circus, and many more. His experience is unparalleled, having performed in 33 countries and over 125 cities across various continents.


     Solgit is also an experienced workshop leader and has worked with numerous teams. He is an improvisation artist who creates a relaxed atmosphere with humor and spontaneity and builds entertaining communication with his audiences. He has performed in 33 countries on various continents, including over 125 cities, making his experience unparalleled.


    If you have any events such as festivals, company celebrations, anniversaries, gala shows, or any special event in the entertainment world that you wish to make different and never seen before, please don’t hesitate to contact Solgit. He responds quickly and can help you make your vision a reality. As the saying goes, “You mention it to Solgit and he'll get it covered.”



2022-2023     Winterspektakel Hamburg  

Assistant Director , Performing 3 Acts in the show

Jugendfestival Äktschn Oberland

Kultur Sommerfest Ottobrunn

StraßenKUNSTfestival Geretsried

General Manager of the Festival in Org Team and Performer.

2021 RTL Sagt Danke in Essen

         Auf der Bühne mit die berühmten Europa breite Ehrlich brothers 

2020 Cirque du Soleil at Sea Toure

         Canada, Dubai - drop out 🦠 before Japan

2020 Winterspektakel Hamburg

         Varieté, Zirkus und Jahrmarkt


2019: Cirque du Soleil at sea

          In two original shows SYMA and VARÉLIA  




         Berlin Theater Tipi - Slack Wire​

         Vodafone Company München- Family da München.

         Berlin Theater Tipi - Slack Wire

         Vodafone Company München- Family da München.

Rotary BenefizGala - Füssen
          StuStaCulum - Festival - München
          BeneCulture - Festival Benediktbeuern
          „Unexpected Festival“ - Passing Arcaden
          5 Jahre Hofstatt – Firmenjubiläum
          Semmelproduktion Afrikanische Show - MAAG Halle Zürich                  


2017:Seilakrobatik in Hamburg bei SemmelProduction 

          Galaveranstaltung - Sportlerehrung Geretsried

          Kellerei Kaltern, Südtirol 

          Addis Abeba Äthiopien "NahooTV" Show

          Mitorganisator des African Night beim Flussfestival 2017 in Wolfratshausen 

         Addis Abeba - FetaTVShow - PromiUnterhaltungswettbewerb - Award




         München Isarpost - Sylvester New year Motivation

          Dance & Shownight 2016 - TSV Grüntegernbach mit Showtanzgruppe -Members of Dance & Magic Dancers

          Fantastic World in Dubai & Libanon

          „Modeon-Gala" in Marktoberdorf (Germany)

2015: LED and fire show (Germany) with Pyrostyx 

         „Vaganti - Artistic Theater“ in Germany

           Tollhausfestival Bad Tölz – Solo-Feuershow
           Kurparkfest Bad Tölz - Seilakrobatik - Feuershow

2014:  Wire Act „Aerial Angels“  in Hong Kong 

           Pyrostyx – fire show in Dubai 

           „ Internation Art festival “ in Erbil with Fantastica World

2013 : „Circo Mundial Mariani“ show in Portugal 

2012 : „Adessa“ african show in Germany

2010 : Quick Change in Las Vegas


2009 : „Universoul Circus“ tour  14 - State USA 

2008 : „Rose- Marie Malter“ circus show in Belgium

       „Afrika Afrika“ show tour – in Germany

2007 : „Mother Afrika Circus“ tour -  in different countries in Europe  

2006 : Chine-african cooperation (FOCAC) in Peking 

2004 : Tour in Africa - Addis Abeba

Cirqus du Soleli at sea
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