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Candidate for the Tassilo award - By Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

2. Mai 2016, 21:06 Uhr

An Ethiopian Multitalent

    The circus – and variety artist Solomon Solgit wants “to make people, who work hard, laugh”. He has already worked with André Heller and wants to found a youth culture school in his hometown Adama. 

Solomon Solgit is dancer and choreographer, musician and acrobat, plays theater and does workshops for children and adolescents. He rides a unicycle on a slackline or balances up there on a ladder. 

He plays drums, African drums, guitar and piano and juggles with up to seven balls. Or with long burning sticks.

Tables floating over parquet - By AZ-Marktoberdorf

Montag, 18. Januar 2016 NR. 13

Body control: Solomon Solgit drew a lot of attention to himself. Like here at rope-walking, juggling or while doing magic tricks.

     He juggles with seven balls (Yes, simultaneously!). He drew disbelieving looks at himself, when he let a side table fly in front of the guests’ table. But one maybe not serious explanation of a guest, who said, Solomon attached nozzels/jets to the table could not be clarified. After every show all dance enthusiasts rushed to the dancefloor. No magic trick, but absolute body control did he show finally, when he balanced on the rope on a unicycle, and as if that were not difficult enough, he added two cloths which he circled between his fingers. 

The master-acrobat - By Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

The Ethiopian Solomon Solgit Gebretsadik travelled far – now he lives in Bad Tölz. 

27. März 2014, 18:35 Uhr  Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen


     He appeared with his acrobat group “Abyssinia Jugglers” or alone in cosmopolitan cities like Las Vegas, London, Berlin and Dubai. Now the “Multi-cultural- artist”, how he calls himself, lives in the district principal town Bad Tölz. Solgit begins his career at the age of 9. Then on the streets in his hometown, the Ethiopian Nazareth. He had his first big appearances with the local circus there.


He comes from a mid- size Ethiopian family, and thus for his parents school was always the biggest focus, he says. But for him, acrobatics was more important. He still managed school. At the age of 18 he became Ethiopian champion in gymnastics – his break through

Everything starts to fly with Solomon Solgit - By Tölzer Kurier

​Mar 26, 2014 - Bad Tölz Lokales › Bad Tölz

Solomon Solgit from Ethiopia learned acrobatics on the street first

     Solgits big chance came 2005: a gymnastics competition, where the winner gets a scholarship in China. And Solgit won.

Since then his career rises dramatically: He successfully completes a study in choreography and in slackwire in China. “The Chinese made be to pros”, he tells. Afterwards he joins a circus group and fills the audiences in Europa and the US with enthusiasm, some of them with various tricks on the rope. For example, Solgit climbs up a ladder, while he’s balancing on a rope.

Aktualisiert: 29.03.14 19:33

Solomon Solgit is a living rubber ball, and his story of life is unusual

    The boy is good, learns quickly and teaches at the age of 11. He contributes to the family income, wins the regional championship in floor acrobatics twice and becomes national champion in 2005. That’s the stepping stone in his career: Solomon receives a scholarship at the college Hebei Wuqiaon in China, the Mekka for acrobats. He stays for 18 months in the reign of the middle, studies artistic, choreography – and on the side Chinese. He learns that quicker as later German. “I had to survive”, he says and smiles.

Aktualisiert: 22.03.2014 

Charity concert of the club for youth promotion in the baroque hall in the monastery Benediktbeuern

The artist and choreographer comes from Nazareth in Ethiopia, where his artistic career began when he was 9 years old. Besides his appearances in the circus Nazareth, he was also a trainer. After that he passed his exams at the International College Hebei Wugiao in China and since then appears in many countries. Since he’s been living here for almost three years in Upper Bavaria and has also committed himself in youth work, it was obvious to the club for youth promotion to win him with his breathtaking bounceball – juggling for the charity concert.

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