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The Value of Social Projects for Personal and Community Development:

In my one-year experience, I have learned and understood a lot: how valuable it is to provide young people with opportunities and a place to discover their talents, which they may not have been able to discover on their own. For this, I am very grateful to Mr. Späth, who has provided us with active support from the search for the right name to the procurement of for the Project. He has given us everything from the beginning to give us the opportunity to experiment and implement this project.

From my point of view, social projects like the Juca Sound music project are important for society because they create space for personal growth and creative learning. They offer young people an opportunity to express themselves and develop their abilities and talents, which can lead to a positive change in their living conditions in the long term.

Through collaboration with the Tölzer youth promotion of the district office Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen and Addis Studio.Rec, the Juca Sound music project helps to engage young people in the community and give them a positive future prospect.

Now you can follow Juca Sound on On all social media platforms and enjoy what we have published so far. More videos will follow, so stay tuned!


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