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My last travel in Ethiopia.

As you know I'm working for my project in Ethiopia since five years calls "SunEko Art for social development." after working day and night with the support of my Lovely family and beloved friends now is something to on the ground.

That's why my last visit in Ethiopia was my feeling mixed with emotion, happy, excited, afraid, responsible.

Afraid: to take a big responsibility for 35 kids.

Emotion: some years ago I meet those kids in different conditions and know to see them they are active in school and the Result of them hard training on the stages. To see them shining and smiley faces.

In 2 weeks we have organized an Event for the first time on the stage out of the art center. I also perform together with SunEko kids, in 2 weeks making a Choreography, organizing Volunteers, searching big stage for free, inviting so many peoples. that's also very important to pass on the idea for the community. it's was all just incredible. Here is Some Photos enjoy.

Without you will be not SunEko here today Thank you Ephream and all SunEko Ethiopia team.

One man can do nothing but together, when everyone does his part we can change the world.

Solomon Solgit

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