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Canada, Dubai and jump out before Japan 🦠

2020 what a wonderful expecting year I start with full of hope and excitement. Well, of course, this year is a very difficult year for everyone but for the live entertainment businesses a bit more difficult. I start the year in Canada to travel from the middle east to crossing to Asia Japan...

when the coronavirus surprises the world I was not ready to accept that will be all the tours and will happen 2020 a disaster for the live entertainment. when I get Canada seems like something bit is going soon but nor ready to accept. In February when I get to Canada Montreal airport there was a form to fill if I were in Aisa for the past 6 Month’s, Wow it's was makes me feel like... if the world starts to scare if someone is coming from Asia, my biggest worry is " how we are going to travel to Japan!? and that is the most big dream in 2020 visiting JAPAN. well, when Cirque du Solie at sea team arrives at the bigging of march the airport has to start checking the temperature. then decrease the audience for the shows and start to uncle, if we are going to cross to Japan or staying in AU in every hour more and more confusing info and confusing time. there is a lot of interesting stories that happen. After five weeks in Dubai, all the artists and Employees try to live Dubai in anyways to get them home countries. to make the story short... In April I found myself in Addis Abeba Ethiopia.

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